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The Center for Integrated Oncology (CIO) Köln Bonn was established in 2007. In this cooperative of the University Hospitals Köln and Bonn, all clinical units involved with the therapy and care of cancer patients work together, with the aim of systematically and consistently improving all medical and allied health services provided for cancer patients. This is achieved by optimising the interdisciplinary cooperation of all clinical disciplines, providing comprehensive psycho-oncological and supportive care, and integrating basic and clinical research more intensely.

A central concern of CIO is the rapid clinical implementation of innovative discoveries in cancer research. This objective is being supported by a large body of clinical trials and the continued actualisation of interdisciplinary CIO clinical practice guidelines.

CIO endeavours to build active partnerships with the non-university - tertiary sector (i.e. clinicians in private practice and hospitals) to facilitate the availability of interdisciplinary cancer services of the highest quality close to the place of residence of as many patients as possible.

Our guiding principle: Together against Cancer — Together choosing Life.


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